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Beyond the Book: Grandpa Alan's Sugar Shack

March 18, 9:30 AM10:30 AM

Gather 'round for a reading of the children’s book Grandpa Alan’s Sugar Shack by Alan Page. Then head outdoors to tap a tree and learn about gathering sap and making syrup; a sweet syrup treat will follow.

C?ost: $5.00 per person 24mo & older

• Pre-registration required.

• Dress for the weather with footwear to walk in snow/mud

• The activity portion of the program is not stroller friendly

• Class takes place at the main Nature Center

About the Book: Here is the gentle story of a granddaughter discovering one of the great joys of her grandfather's youth - spring in the north woods, when the maple trees are bursting with sap.

Together, grandfather and granddaughter make their way out into the chilly pre-dawn woods to find and tap maple trees, hang buckets, and collect sap. And then patiently (or not!), they wait for the sap to boil into syrup back at the sugar shack. They wait until . . . at last! The first sweet taste of amber, sticky goodness is ready.

Our Beyond the Book Series: Books, like a walk in the woods, can be an adventure and an escape. They open a new world to the reader – a world that can spark interest in the natural world and fuel imagination!